HOA Simple Deliverables

HOA Simple offers the following typical monthly and yearly deliverables.


  1. Managers Report including:
    1. Financial Reports
      1. Check register showing all checks written
      2. Accounts receivable with delinquent list
      3. Accounts payable
      4. Balance sheet
      5. Revenue and expense statement
      6. Budget to actual comparison
      7. Bank Statements
      8. Reconcile Reports
    2. Legal Report
    3. HOA Simple Task List
  2. Receive and account for assessments, checks and direct deposits
  3. Send checks to pay bills
  4. Manage contracts for HOA
  5. Contractor Management
  6. Inspections once per month linked to Task List
  7. Notification to new owners
  8. Attend board meetings and supply minutes of meetings


  1. Budget for following year
  2. 20 year reserve plan
  3. Annual meeting notice, agenda, financials, and reports
  4. Additional notices as necessary
  5. Contract Management
  6. Manage annual back flow and fire inspections
  7. Manage annual review/audit and tax return
  8. State of Colorado Annual Report
  9. HOA Registration

We are flexible in our service and appreciate your comments.
If you don’t find a service you are looking for, please contact us.

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