Customer Quotes

I have been on the Board of Directors of a 10 unit townhome HOA for over 16 years. During that time the Board managed the day to day activities and responsibilities of the HOA. In 2015, we decided to hire a HOA Management company. After interviewing a number of managers we decided to choose  HOA Simple. In the first nine months of our relationship, I can state that they have exceeded our expectations and have become like a neighbor. They respond immediately to our requests and perform their monthly duties on a regular basis. The Board of Directors and the residents have been quite satisfied with their performance.
The best decision I ever made as a tenure President of a 50 unit HOA was to hire HOA Simple.  Over the years, I spent a great deal of my time micromanaging both large and small HOA management companies in order to provide our association the professional management we deserved.  Although HOA Simple was slightly higher than other companies we looked at, we decided to give Craig and HOA Simple a chance.  Not only did they exceeded all expectations, they brought credible vendors, were very organized and made us more profitable than we have ever been.  Thank you HOA Simple for allowing me to  retire from the board and trust that you will continue to successfully manage our HOA!
HOA Simple has helped us through the transition issues with our developer in a positive productive manner.
I have only the highest regard to the professional and ethical standards embodied in the members of HOA Simple.
We were having trouble with high energy bills. HOA Simple helped us install metering equipment to solve the problem and reduce our bills by 20%.
With our old management company we struggled through the accounting reports to know exactly how much money we had to improve our community. Now, with the help of HOA Simple, we have a plan to save for future problems and invest in improvements to our building.
The floor in one of our units was sinking, HOA Simple came in and managed the process to replace the 100 year old floor joists while keeping the board informed with costs and pictures via email.
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